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The Physics of Space Shuttle Re-Entry :: physics science space

When in circle the bus is situated with the goal that it is moving nose-first and the highest point of the van is pointing towards the earth. The bus is situated base up so the dark base will transmit the warmth from the sun all the more effeciently. Stage one for the van is to pivot so it is moving harsh first and afterward it fires it's motors so as to slow the van so it will drop out of circle. Next the bus flips over with the goal that it is straight up when it enters the environment. Between stage three and four the bus consumes any overabundance fuel that it might in any case have so that there is to a lesser degree a peril of blast when the fuel tanks get hot durring reemergence. Stage four is the place the bus keeps up a point of around 40 degrees from the vertical and keeps up a methodology with the goal that the bus eases back down. In the wake of easing back to a speed where the van can move it will fly (recollect, the bus has no more fuel so it has just one opportunity to land) in some last S molded bends to slow some more and afterward land at an assigned air terminal (as demonstrated as follows). How Does the Shuttle Turn or Maneuver in Space? The fundamental methods for development for the space transport can be clarified in Isaac Newton's laws F=Ma and for each activity, there is an equivalent and oposite response. The power, on the space transport, is equivalent to the mass of the van increased by its quickening. By consuming fuel in a rocket motor on the rear of the bus, a power on the van equivalent to the mass of fuel being tossed out the harsh of the specialty duplicated by its quickening. This essential material science recipe is critical to the bus getting up into space and to the start of its deceleration on its arrival to earth. Consequently it has an undeniable effect on climate the van will endure the excursion through the world's environment back to land. At the point when the bus first enters the world's air it is going at speeds beating 30,000 km/h. The bus needs to decelerate to 0 km/h after it lands. The increasing speed that it must suffer to slow the bus is an inconceivably huge power on the structure o f the specialty. At the point when the bus is entering the air it must enter at an edge window of just a couple of degrees.

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Video game essay Essay Example for Free

Computer game paper Essay Are computer games terrible for you? Without a doubt, guardians and grown-ups will disclose to you they are terrible, however how are they awful for you? Many will disclose to you that computer games hurt your eyes and harm your nerves. They may even disclose to you computer games make you increasingly savage, however they can't give any proof to back up their sentiments. Nor do they understand the genuine problemâ€which isn't computer games themselvesâ€but the dependence that drives numerous gamers to play computer games to the prohibition of all else. In this exposition, I will show that computer game enslavement is the genuine motivation behind why computer games are terrible for you. Computer game fixation prompts horrible showing in school and deficient physical inertia. Computer game enslavement can negatively affect scholastic accomplishment. For instance, an examination distributed in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that the more an understudy plays computer games, the more terrible their scholastic execution is in school. A second report by Argosy Universitys Minnesota School on Professional Psychology found that computer game addicts contend a ton with their instructors, battle a ton with their companions, and score lower grades than other people who play computer games less frequently. As these sources recommend, computer game addicts over the top gaming includes some significant downfalls to their scholarly presentation and associations with everyone around them, at last prompting terrible showing in school â€and life. Computer game dependence likewise prompts physical idleness and related medical issues. This happens on the grounds that over the top gamers penance a reasonable way of life so they can invest all their free energy playing computer games. Rather than going out and rollerblading, playing loops, or spending time with companions, they sit before a screen for a considerable length of time and hours. Therefore, they do get the activity they need. The Center for Disease Control prescribes an hour of moderate to energetic physical action each day. At the point when these gamers don't get this activity, they are manhandling their bodies and gambling creating coronary illness and other cardiovascular issues; they even risk getting corpulent, which further expands the odds of cardiovascular issues and could bring about them creating diabetes. As I have appeared in this exposition, computer game dependence prompts terrible showing in school and physical latency. The desire to mess around can drive gamers to disregard their investigations and harm associations with people around them. Their longing to play computer games can make them dismiss solid degrees of movement, prompting medical issues and even weight. The way to keeping the negative impact of computer games under control is single word: control. On the off chance that gamers can offset computer games with the remainder of their lives, computer games can be a fun, engaging preoccupation; however when computer games assume control over their lives, they are left with a real existence that does not merit living. This kind of compulsion creates when gamers fixate on the computer games they play. As result, they As this proof shows, computer game compulsion advances physical idleness, putting gamers in danger of weight, coronary illness and other medical issues. Therefore, understudies dependent on penance schoolwork and study to whatever game they are at present fixating on, This outcomes in exorbitant physical latency, which puts gamers in danger of creating coronary illness and other cardiovascular issues, or getting overweight. by investing all their free energy playing. as gamers invest all their free energy playing their games. Without the necessary degrees of physical action, these gamers hazard creating cardiovascular issues, for example, The Center for Disease Control and American Heart Associatoin.

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Nineteenth Century Businessmen Robber Barons Essay Example

Nineteenth Century Businessmen Robber Barons Essay In the nineteenth century, the United States encountered a fast mechanical transformation and financial development. The U.S. was changed from a nation of rustic homesteads and humble communities to a cutting edge modern country ruled by huge urban communities and manufacturing plants. Driving the path all through the modern blast were large businesspeople famously known for their savage business strategies, so should history depict these business heads as inventive mechanical pioneers or covetous looter aristocrats? As per Howard Zinn, â€Å"Robber Barons† was precise in portraying these agents. He expressed â€Å"the new industrialists, for example, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan embraced strategic policies that energize imposing business models and utilized the forces of government to control the majority from rebellion.† (Zinn). Though, John S. Gordon contends that such â€Å"the nineteenth century men of enormous business, for example, Rocke feller and Carnegie created through the oil and steel industries’ shopper items that improved the ways of life of normal Americans† (Gordon). In my view, Howard Zinn presents an all the more persuading contention regarding why nineteenth century representatives ought to be named â€Å"robber barons†. Zinn points out various instances of looter nobles taking care of government authorities to pass enactment that would profit their organizations. The size of defilement gets apparent as Zinn depicts President Cleveland’s association. President Cleveland designated boss counselor William Whitney, a mogul and enterprise legal counselor, who just so happened to be engaged with Standard Oil. After Whitney was designated to Secretary of Navy he quickly set going to make a â€Å"steel navy,† purchasing steel at misleadingly significant expenses from â€Å"Robber Baron† Andrew Carnegie’s plants (Zinn). John S. Gordon offers little safeguard to such charges of debasement and even concedes huge specialists used mystery railroad refunds to command their rivals (Gordon). Zinn proceeds We will compose a custom article test on Nineteenth Century Businessmen Robber Barons explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom article test on Nineteenth Century Businessmen Robber Barons explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom article test on Nineteenth Century Businessmen Robber Barons explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer

LP Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

LP - Assignment Example It ought to be noticed that toward the start of learning, right answers are generally empowering. Along these lines, it is suggested that the educator from the start approach capable understudies to maintain a strategic distance from mistaken answers, which can dirty the discovering that outcomes from this methodology. An incredible case of this can be found in Toms Math Maps. Math Mapsâ are Google Maps on which Tom and others have made spot marks which when clicked uncover science inquiries for understudies to answer dependent on the maps. There are questions accessible for each primary school grade level. The spot marks are shading coded to demonstrate the degree of the inquiries. Blue = Kindergarten, Red = first grade, Green = second grade, Light Blue = third grade, Yellow = fourth grade, Purple = fifth grade. Math Mapsâ is an incredible route for understudies to see instances of arithmetic in the genuine world. Math Mapsâ have a fabulous time scrounger chase feel. For understudies more established than primary school, you should consider having them make their own Math Maps as an approach to exhibit their insight into arithmetic in reality Gathering Choral Response; the instructor presents an inquiry to the absolute gathering and gives thinking time, the quality of a choral reaction shows the general level of understudy exactness and solace with the learning. Singular Private Response; A concise composed or murmured to-instructor reaction (when the educator is moving about the room from work area to work area, table to table) makes understudies responsible for showing ownership of, or progress toward, accomplishment of the required data or expertise The understudies would then be able to be given a straightforward 30 minutes math’s test to go about as a developmental evaluation which will enable the educator to distinguish their qualities and shortcomings and target regions that need work and perceive where understudies are battling and address issues right away

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Fixed Rate Treasury Notes Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

The Philippine domestic bond market consists of 2 types of bonds short- and long-term bonds; mainly issued by the national government. The majority of bonds in the Philippine bond market are the Treasury notes and bonds. Though the corporate bonds make up a small percentage of the overall bond market, they have been steadily growing their share in the last few years. Over the last 5 years, the Philippine fixed income market has put in efforts to bring structure and order into the bond market environment. However, more work is needed in the organization of the spot market as the market drivers and stakeholders consider it an important and necessary step in creating market structures that will bring robustness into the system. As the credit rating of Philippines was upgraded recently by both SP and Moodys, it has lent a favorable investment environment. Moodys SP Fitch Sovereign FCY LT Rating Ba2 BB+ BB+ Outlook Positive Stable Stable In the secondary market, liquidity for both government and corporate bonds increased as the volume of trade at the fixed income exchange (FIE) climbed to P1,199.5 billion in the first three months of 2012, up by 84 percent y-o-y and by 13.9 percent q-o-q. Source: Bureau of Treasury Recent Highlights The interest rate is on a downward trend and the inflation is almost stable now. However as the countrys economy grows, its important to have the right monetary policies to be able to keep inflation in control. Hence the BSP recently cut the interest by 25 basis points to 3.75 percent in a bid to bring about a strong financial system combined with a balanced and sustainable growth in economy. F:AIMMRRFinanceLabFixed IncomeADBPolicy rates and Inflation trends.png Source: The first quarter of 2012 has shown a surprisingly high growth of 6.4% after a low performance the entire last year. The high growth is primarily driven by increased consumer spending that is underpinned by a healthy remittance inflow and strong credit growth. Size of LCY Bond Market in % of GDP: F:AIMMRRFinanceLabFixed IncomeADBSize of LCY Bond market in % of GDP.png Source: Over the years, there is an increasing number of corporate bonds that are being issued. The public sector continues to dominate the market of total bond issuances with 92% share while the private sector made up for the rest 8%. According to the Bureau of Treasury, the total bond issuance (public and private combined) amounted to 350Bn Pesos in the first quarter of 2012. This marked an increase of 30% as compared to the same quarter last year; while the increase was 57.2% as compared to the previous quarter (Q4 2011). The public sector issuance was up by 31% while the private was up by 17%. This was mainly due to the very liquid domestic financial markets which helped in sourcing funds. Bond Turnover Ratio F:AIMMRRFinanceLabFixed IncomeADBBonds Turnover Ratio.png Source: Bonds Portfolio Corporate Bonds: Bond Name Coupon Maturity YTM LTP Duration RLC 07-14-NWT 8.50% 7/14/2014 8.50% 99.9783024 1.88 RCB 18 R13 7.00% 2/22/2013 7.00% 99.9965188 0.56 MBT 18 R13-NWT 7.75% 10/3/2013 6.875% 101.0914197 1.11 Government Bonds: Ticker Series Coupon Maturity YTM LTP Duration RPGB 7-50 5.375 10/28/2017 4.801125 102.625 4.48 RPGB R510 6 3/3/2016 4.70722 104.375 3.2 RPGB 7-49 7 3/31/2017 4.608435 110.356 3.92 RPGB 5-70 4.625 7/5/2017 4.595661 100.375 4.35 RPGB R7-1 7 9/24/2016 4.541237 109.125 3.6 RPGB R7-2 6.625 8/19/2017 4.564386 108.716 4.27 RPGB 1042 9.125 9/4/2016 4.49242 117.33 3.38 Methodology Listed below are the considerations as well as the methodology that went behind selection of the bonds for investment purpose. The most important criterion for selection was YTM. Secondly, we looked at the maturity date of bonds to be before 2017, in line with the investment philosophy. Thirdly, we calculated the Duration of bonds. Duration refers to the percentage change in the price of a bond caused by one percent change in yield. Hence its a measure of resilience of the price of the bond to interest rate fluctuations. We wanted to calculate DV01 (percentage change in the price of a bond caused by one basis point change in yield) which is a better indicator as the market has become much more volatile in the last few years. Weightages were assigned to these 3 criteria to arrive at a weighted average score for each bond that would help in selecting the top bonds for our portfolio. Bonds with highest yields and the lowest duration made the cut for the portfolio. For corporate bonds, we took into account the credit rating as well. As seen earlier, the Government to Corporate bond ratio is 92:8. At the same time, the corporate bonds are also steadily increasing in volume. After studying the bonds, we decided to split our investment as 60% in Government bonds and 40% in corporate bond. Recommendation Based on the above criteria, we decided to split our investment as 60% in Government Bonds and 40% in corporate bonds. Below, is the portfolio of bonds we selected. Since the interest rates are expected to be low, the bonds with low duration should be traded on the secondary market and the bonds with high duration should be Held to Maturity. Also, the liquidity will be more in case of low duration bonds. Government Securities Government securities are direct and unconditional obligations of the national government. They are issued by the Bureau of Treasury (BTr). Treasury Bills[1]: Treasury Bills (Tbills) carry a maturity of one year or less and can be traded in the secondary market before maturity. Treasury Bills do not bear interest. They are issued and sold at a discount from face value and are redeemed at maturity for the full face value of the instrument.ÂÂ   Issuer National government Term 91, 182, 364 days Tax feature Interest income subject to 20% final withholding tax Type of income Tax paid income Interest computation True discount formula Manner of purchase Auction or through secondary market Fixed-Rate Treasury Notes[2]: Fixed Rate Treasury Notes (FXTNs) are interest bearing and carry a term of more than one year and can be traded in the secondary market before maturity.ÂÂ  Fixed Rate Treasury Notes are considered one of the primest investment instruments in the market. They are safe, liquid and offer attractive returns to investors.ÂÂ  Fixed Rate Treasury notes are issued and sold at a price equal to be face value and are redeemed at maturity for the full face value of the instrument plus interest/coupon of the last period. Issuer National government Term 2, 5, 7, 10, 15, 25 years Tax feature Interest income subject to 20% final withholding tax Type of income Tax paid income Rate Fixed for the life of the FXTN; based on lowest accepted yield to maturity on auction date Coupon payment period Payable semi-annually in arrears Interest computation Simple interest/add-on Manner of purchase Auction or through secondary market Retail Treasury Bonds / Multi-Currency Retail Treasury Bonds[3]: Retail treasury bonds are government securities that are issued to small individual investors in smaller denominations with frequent, fixed-rate coupon payments.ÂÂ  These instruments carry a term of more than one year and can be traded in the secondary market.ÂÂ  Retail treasury bonds are issued to underwriters instead of primary dealers.ÂÂ  In April 2010, the government began selling multicurrency retail treasury bonds to enable Filipinos to invest in foreign-currency denominated government securities at an affordable minimum denomination of USD100 or EUR100. Issuer National government Term 3 and 5 years Tax feature Interest income subject to 20% final withholding tax Type of income Tax paid income Rate Fixed for the life of the RTBs Coupon payment period Payable quarterly in arrears Interest computation Simple interest/add-on Manner of purchase Auction or through secondary market Recommendation: Government bonds make up majority portion of the total bond issuances; at the same time the corporate bond issuances are on a steady increasing trend. We will be investing 60% of our fixed income portfolio in government securities. We will be investing in RTB as the minimum amount to invest is 5000 pesos whereas in Treasury bills and Fixed-rate Treasury Notes it is 10 million. Corporate Bonds Robinsons Land Corporation Robinsons Land Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the acquisition, development, leasing, and sale of real estate properties in the Philippines. It develops, leases, and manages shopping malls, mixed use properties, offices and residential buildings, as well as engages in the land and residential housing development activities comprising socialized housing projects. As of September 30, 2011, it operated 29 shopping malls, including 6 malls in Metro Manila and 23 malls in other urban areas in the Philippines. ROBINSONS LAND CORPORATION (RLC) Year ended on Revenues Net Income Interest Coverage Ratio ROE Sep-10 11,297.00 3,592.80 15.23 13.10% Sep-11 13,344.50 3,974.10 20.39 10.20% Bond Name Coupon Maturity YTM RLC 07-14-NWT 8.50% 7/14/2014 8.50% Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) is a universal bank in the Philippines that provides a wide range of banking and financial products and services. In terms of capital the bank rank 4th among the private banks in Philippines. The Bank and its subsidiaries are engaged in all aspects of traditional banking, investment banking, retail financing (credit cards, auto loans and mortgage/housing loans), leasing, foreign exchange and stock brokering. RIZAL COMMERCIAL BANKING CORPORATION (RCB) Year ended on Revenues Net Income ROE NPA CAR Dec-10 16,424.00 4,248.00 14.08% 4.37% 17.77% Dec-11 18,678.00 5,007.00 13.96% 3.57% 18.52% Half year ended on June 2012 9,807.00 3,008.00 15.43% 3.57% 17.11% Bond Name Coupon Maturity YTM RCB 18 R13 7.00% 2/22/2013 7.00% Metropolitan Bank Trust Company Metropolitan Bank Trust Company, together with its subsidiaries, provides a range of banking and financial products and services. Its Consumer Banking segment offers individual customers deposits, including savings, checking, and time deposits; and provides consumer type loans and credit cards. The Corporate Banking segment engages in handling loans and other credit facilities; and offers deposit and current accounts to corporate and institutional customers. Companys Investment Banking segment arranges structured finance, as well as provides services relating to privatizations, initial public offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. The Treasury segment offers money market, trading, and treasury services. METROPOLITAN BANK TRUST COMPANY (MBT) Year ended on Revenues Net Income ROE NPL CAR ROA Dec-10 39,339.00 8,366.00 10.27% 2.88% 16.40% 0.96% Dec-11 44,945.00 11,031.00 11.17% 2.22% 17.40% 1.20% Half year ended on June 2012 26,644.00 7,417.00 13.43% 2.63% 18.53% 1.56% Praveen Sharma [emailprotected]/* */ Bond Name Coupon Maturity YTM MBT 18 R13-NWT 7.75% 10/3/2013 6.875%

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Life of a Former Med Student, Now Physician [Episode 290]

document.createElement('audio'); Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | Spotify Interview with Dr. Charles Cochran, anesthesiologist and blogger [Show Summary] Are you wondering what life is like as a med student? Resident? Practicing physician? Do you want to graduate without mountains of debt? Do you want to be able to have work/life balance when you start practicing? Interested in rural medicine? Anesthesiology? Hear from Dr. Charles Cochran about the unique path he took to becoming a doctor, and his advice on how not to bury yourself in student loan debt. Med school admissions, med student life and #lifeofamedstudent [Show Notes] Our guest today, Dr. Charles Cochran, is a Hoosier through and through. He grew up in Indiana, attended Indiana State as an undergrad, and Indiana University School of Medicine Bloomington, which he graduated from in 2013. He did his residency also at Indiana U Medical Center in anesthesiology. On the side, he started the Twitter hashtag #lifeofamedstudent and a very popular pre-med and med student web site by the same name. Can you tell us about your background? Where you grew up? [2:05] I grew up in a small town called Spencer, not far from IU – Bloomington. I knew early on I wanted to get into medicine my dad was a chiropractor. I rode horses on the weekend, spent lots of time in the woods learning to hunt and fish – basically a traditional rural Indiana upbringing. How did you become interested in medicine? [2:56] My dad was a chiropractor and gave me exposure to medicine as a rural clinician. He didn’t push me to be a chiropractor but he thought if I was interested in medicine I should go for a more advanced license, an MD or DO. Even from high school I had a pretty clear idea I wanted to go into medicine, and luckily it all worked out. I didn’t take a gap year, which was fine with me. Now that I am paying back my loans I am glad I went through as quickly as I did. It is nice to be done! What was the hardest part of applying to medical school? [4:29] I was part of the Indiana State/IU rural bachelor/MD program, so applying to medical school was pretty straightforward. The program takes people from small towns and provides them with a pathway to becoming a physician in hopes they will return to a small town and practice medicine. Ideally the state would like primary care physicians, and while I didn’t go that route, I think I still fulfilled that goal by practicing in a rural, midsize hospital. In a lot of ways things were set up for me since the first day of undergrad. If you maintain an average GPA of 3.5 and met the minimum required MCAT you were set for admission to medical school. Once I was in the program it was a matter of sticking with it. It wasn’t always easy – I did have to take the MCAT a second time – but overall it was much less stressful. What was the best part of your medical experience at Indiana University? [6:38] IU has a lot of regional campuses 8-9 where you can go for your first two years. I guess this could be considered the best and sometimes the worst. You are in one (rural) place for two years, and then Indianapolis for two years. I actually really liked it – I spent the first two years in Terra Haute, and then moved to the big city for years 3-4, and it was great to see the trauma hospitals, and cutting edge technology at a big city hospital. My social network also really expanded, and I think it is a very efficient system. The one negative I would say is that when I went through I don’t think they did as good a job of making the experiences across campuses standard – that is different now, they have in fact standardized them. That was the biggest negative I saw, as my experience wasn’t perfectly identical to a different regional campus. What could be improved? [8:51] Not everyone’s learning style is suited to a lecture hall. When I got to Indianapolis I did better on my standardized tests because I was following my preferred study patterns almost exactly (studying more on my own). For me there was some wasted time in lectures that weren’t really engaging. I would have been better off at home. You participated in Indiana’s Rural Health Program. Can you tell us a little bit about that part of your training? [10:08] They have a continuation of the program geared towards primary care. I could have continued that program but had some reservations about ending up in primary care. I wanted to keep my options more open. I still think it was a great program and they got their money’s worth with me being back in a small town, but I just didn’t end up in primary care. How did you decide to specialize in anesthesiology? [11:20] When I was in family practice clinics I felt like the days dragged on. Then I went into anesthesia and things went really fast, and I realized I like critical care medicine. Anesthesiology is a great way to get into critical care you get to use your hands all day long. I am good at things that might scare other physicians, which in some ways gives me a sense of pride. And typically it has a pretty good lifestyle – I have lots of time with my wife and daughter. I very much enjoy what I do every day. I take care of one patient at a time, I have 10 minutes of paperwork I can do while treating my patient, I leave work at work, I don’t deal with insurance companies, and I don’t get too much pushback. So a lot of things physicians get frustrated with don’t apply to me or my specialty. Did you ever have a rotation or period in your path to date when you thought you made a mistake in choosing a career in medicine? [14:13] The two hardest times for me were the first semester of medical school and the first year of residency. After that things got easier. I actually really can’t say I had a lot of days that I thought medicine wasn’t the right path for me, so I know I’m lucky. I also chose a specialty that would allow me to maintain a certain lifestyle. For other specialties like surgery, the demands can be so much more and burnout is much higher. How did the match process compare to the med school application process in terms of difficulty and stress? What was the most challenging part of it? [21:00] The match was probably the second most stressful part of the process for me after that first semester of medical school. I would have loved to interview at five places, and be done with it. Instead they drag it out for four months, and you have no idea where you are going to live, what your future is going to be, and it is a painful process. I think it is a very fair process, and there is not a better way to do it that would stay fair, but dragging it out with the hush hush of it and the lack of control is very unpleasant. The match is incredibly important for your future. Most people end up happy but it is a lot of influence on your life from one computer algorithm. Let’s turn to Life of a Med Student. How did you come to start it? How has it evolved? [23:53] In 2011 I was a third year student and Twitter was becoming popular. There were a couple anonymous accounts on Twitter for med students but they were really focused on an individual. I thought about starting a Twitter account that would really connect everybody, and with the hashtags that Twitter has I just thought about #lifeofamedstudent, which would be a funny but educational, ironic but humorous look at the life of a med student. I quickly found that if you go to school in Indiana, California, or the UK the experiences are incredibly similar, stressors are similar, even though processes are different. There are common themes like delaying adulthood and is it all going to be worth it, the hours and hours of studying, etc. It resonated with people and shared witty humor about med school life that I could amplify through the hashtag. There were several Twitter accounts when I started out that were bigger, but people didn’t keep them active so mine continued, and in 2016 I dec ided to create a website/blog based on the Twitter account. The initial idea was to give med students a voice to amplify over social media. It started with my thoughts on residency, debt, and so on, but as it grew I started doing guest posts, continuing the original idea of sharing the voice of medical students. Now I write 25% of the posts and the rest is guest posts from med students around the country, where they share aspects of their lives, experiences, concerns, successes, and so on. I have very little restrictions about what people can post about. What would you have liked me to ask you? [31:09] One of the big things I encourage med students to do is to get some basic understanding of finance – you will be a high income earner and you need to know the benefits and the pitfalls. With student loans going up and up and up, it is so important to get a grasp on it at a younger age than I did. Also, anything you can do to get your pre-med years guaranteed or with scholarship is great. There are a lot of programs similar to mine that no one knows about. It is one of the biggest first decisions you can make, so really think about how you can go to a program that helps facilitate getting into medical school. Even with great stats it is really competitive, and helping to pay for it is a big deal as well. Finally, student loans aren’t free money, but I just didn’t think about it. I lived the lifestyle of a resident as a med student. You can get $150K pretty easily, so people don’t think about if they could take less. Do you need to take the max? For me, if there was extra I did things like buy a TV – at 6% interest six years later, that’s an expensive TV. My general advice is open your eyes. Related Links: †¢Ã‚  Life of a Med Student †¢Ã‚  #LifeofaMedStudent †¢Ã‚  Life of a Med Student on Twitter †¢Ã‚  Get Accepted to Medical School in 2020, a free webinar †¢Ã‚  Accepteds Medical School Admissions Services Related Shows: †¢Ã‚  Endocrinologist, Writer, and Bollywood Critic Tells Her Story †¢Ã‚  Yoga Instructor, Holistic Health Coach, M4: Clare Brady Fits it All In †¢Ã‚  Dr. Calvin Sun, ER Resident, Entrepreneur, and Adventurer †¢Ã‚  Meet Harvard MD/MPH Student and Premed Podcaster Mary Tate †¢Ã‚  Med School Uncensored: A Realistic Perspective on Medical Training   Subscribe: Podcast Feed

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Personal Health Records ( Phrs ) - 785 Words

Personal Health Records (PHRs) refer to computer-based systems that enable patients (their caregivers acting in their stead) monitor and manage their health. Like other popular online platforms for banking, shopping, etc., PHRs allow patients to remotely access some level of healthcare service. Some examples of services provided by tethered PHRs – PHRs owned or controlled by a single or multiple healthcare organization; include viewing laboratory test results, scheduling hospital appointments, reordering medication, or securely communicating with healthcare providers. PHRs also avail healthcare organizations a means to closely, but remotely, monitor the health of patients thus allowing them to provide continuous care. The PHR was one of three health information systems that came to the limelight in 2009 (the others are the Electronic Medical Record and the Electronic Health Record), when the Institute of Medicine intensified efforts to improve the quality of the process of collection of patient data. The data collection process was prone to error, and was a principal source of wrong medication with adverse drug effect. With the PHR, and unlike other health information systems, patients could access and crosscheck their records, transfer their records between different healthcare organizations or organize and manage records generated by different health organizations into a single system. Additionally, in this era of rising cost of healthcare provision, decreasing labourShow MoreRelatedThe Personal Health Record ( Phr )781 Words   |  4 Pages The Personal Health Record Final Project – Essay Diana Morris Darton State College â€Å"The personal health record (PHR) is an electronic, lifelong resource of health information needed by individuals to make health decisions.† (Burrington-Brown) Patients manage and control their own information from all healthcare providers and facilities. The PHR is supposed to be in a secure and private place. The patient sets who is allowed to access the PHR. The PHR is only for the patientRead MoreA Report On Phr ( Personal Health Record )3545 Words   |  15 Pagesgoing to prepare a report on PHR (personal health record), What are its benefits and How it is useful.PHR is an E-device used by the patients to maintain their health information in a safe and secure environment. This stands in opposite to the more likely used e-medical record and data is operated by hospitals and contains data entered by physician or billing data to help insurance company. The proposition of a PHR is to give a total and brief outline of a patient’s health history which is availableR ead MorePersonal Health Record ( Phr ) : An Emerging Model Of Patient Centric Health Information Exchange System Essay1360 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract Personal health record (PHR) is an emerging model of patient-centric health information exchange system, which has been often outsourced to be stored at any third party locations, such as cloud service providers. However, there have been wide privacy concerns as the personal health information could be exposed to unauthorized parties and to those third party servers. To assure the patients control over accessing their own Personal Health Records, it is required to encrypt the PHRs before outsourcingRead MorePersonal Health Record ( Phr )1046 Words   |  5 PagesPersonal health record (PHR) is a developing patient-centric model of health information exchange, which is often deployed to be archived at a third party, such as cloud service providers a person is concerned more about their health condition which is considered as most important and personal. At the same time in order to get cure from medical issues, Health bulletin is shared to the Specialists Doctors throughout the world due to the advancements in the Present day Technology. Few privacy issuesRead MoreA Personal Health Record ( Ehr )1547 Words   |  7 PagesA personal health record (PHR) is an emerging health information technology that patients may use to participate in their own health care and improve the quality and efficiency of that care. Most articles written about PHRs have been published since 2000. PHR could be defined as â€Å"An electronic application through which individuals can access, manage and share their health information, and that of others for whom they are authorized, in a private, secure, and confidential environment†. A PHR shouldRead MoreIntroduction Of Personal Health Record1563 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction of Personal Health Record Abstract The widely adoption of Electric Health Record (EHR) accelerates the development of Personal Health Record (PHR). The functionality of PHR can be summarized as information collection, information sharing and exchange, and information management, which could improve efficiency and quality of health care. In this article, we reviewed the definition, history and technical architectures of PHR. We also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of PHR adoptionRead MorePersonal Health Record And Patient Portal Use967 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal Health Record and Patient Portal Use The Personal Health Records (PHRs) are the innovative solution to the problems associated with fragmented communication and lack of interaction among the Medical Record Systems (EMRs) (Henriksen et al., 2008). It allows patients to access their healthcare data in the secure environment and increases patient s engagement in medical care. The PHRs are also known as patient portals. They help patients in getting relevant medical data from their providerRead MoreWeek 6 Integrating The Into Ehr Platforms Db 6401-3 Main Post886 Words   |  4 PagesWeek 6 Integrating PHRs into EHR Platforms DB 6401-3 Main Post Patients are taking an aggressive role in their healthcare needs. Patients desire to in touch with their medical records. Medical professionals are utilizing the Electronic Health Records to implement current data into information necessary to provide quality care for the patient. Thereby, managing patients’ current, and past histories. To understand what is occurring today, one must recognize why patients are taking an active approachRead MoreThe Electronic Health Record Information1061 Words   |  5 PagesThe Electronic Health Record, or EHR, is used throughout the medical field. The EHR systems are a collection of patient health information that is stored in digital format, and can be shared electronically with all health care settings. The Electronic Health Record contains information regarding a patient’s health visit; everything that has been done during that visit is recorded in the EHR system along with the patient’s health insurance information. A p atient s lab test results, there is alsoRead MoreThe Health Care Facility Controls The Medical Information953 Words   |  4 PagesPatients can retrieve their health records via patient portals, personal health records, and personally controlled health records. Each serves a role in assisting the patient maintaining and sustaining their good health. Firstly, portals serve as access points for patients to view their clinical record online. This is conducted via a secure, hospital and health care facilities’ website which is linked to the patient’s electronic health records (EHRs) at any time (Johnson, Jimison, Mandl, 2014)